Rhythm Seeker

The Rhythm Seeker is the latest innovation from Stride Audio. With a completely new design, new driver unit, interchangeable bands for customisation and comfort.  Along with our new training app that will be available in 2020, this really is a yard essential.
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Why Choose The Rhythm Seeker

  • Music

    Listen up to 6 hours of your favourite tunes whilst in the saddle.
  • Receive Calls

    Receive calls hands-free via our Smart Link Technology.
  • Get Connected

    Near Field Communication – simply connects to the nearest device
  • Storage

    Insert a Micro Card with all your favourite songs on.
  • Dressage To Music

    Fantastic training device for those practising their floor plans.
  • Customer Satisfaction Guarantee

    If you don’t like it send it back and we will refund you your money.

Rhythm Seeker


We all love to have a conversation with our horse out hacking…. Why not have a sing song. Stream pre-made mixes from our Soundcloud or play music from your phone.


Work on your canter and trot rhythms. Or even practice your floor plans for dressage to music. The possibilities are endless!


The Rhythm Seeker allows you to accept or decline incoming calls. The built-in

microphone allows you to talk on the phone whilst keeping both hands on the rein.

roadSafety First

A lot of riders will hack out or ride with headphones in. This reduces your peripheral awareness. The Rhythm Seeker allows you listen to music but also your surroundings.

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Rhythm Seeker App

Training App coming soon

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